Thursday, November 15, 2007

Has Jenny abandoned the Indigo and Crystal Children?

Sorry, I didn't mean to turn this into a Jenny McCarthy bash, but I worry that society in general and young moms of young children in specific are getting their information about autism from the wrong places.

If you read Jenny's book, WHICH I DID, she mentions Indigo and Crystal Children. It sounds suspiciously like a lead-in to her next book. Then, if you Google "Jenny McCarthy and Indigo Children" a site comes up called "Indigo Moms." The intended purpose of the website is listed in a quote by Jenny on another site, "Children Of The New Earth:"
Jenny says: "There were so many times I would be sitting around with my son, Evan, and wish that I could join a 'mommy and me' group that loved talking about Indigos and Crystals. I always felt like there was no one around me who 'got' it. That’s why I came up with the idea to have women post their info so as more mommies become enlightened they can contact someone in their own neck of the woods to chat and share stories with."

Lo and Behold, it's no longer available. Is it possible that her editors, publishers, and "handlers" had to rein her for credibility purposes? Hmmmmm.... If you look into the whole movement of Indigo and Crystal children, you'll find it's a New Age belief that a whole generation of angelic, alien children have been sent here to save us all from ourselves.

Jenny McCarthy believes her son, Evan, is a "Crystal Child." Hey, isn't this the kid she wanted to "fix?" Which is it? He needs to be fixed, he can be fixed, he has been fixed --- OR he's been sent by aliens to fix US?

Again, my point is: be careful where you get your information on autism and decide what's best and right for YOUR family.


mcewen said...

Hi I was led here by Liz Ditz.

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Well said!!