Saturday, December 29, 2007

How about for one day YOU be a "hero?"

There's a new book out titled "Autism Heroes" that exalts the heroics of parents of children with autism. "Heroics" being pretty much defined as doing everything they can for their kid. As the mother of a child with autism I get a lot of "I could NEVER do what you do, Julie!" from people. I don't get it. If their child had autism, they'd stuff him in the garbage and walk away? They'd return him to the hospital as defective? They'd chain him in the basement and pretend he doesn't exist? Being a parent to a child who happens to have this disorder makes me and other parents in this situation heroic?

Hell, I could never do what I do, either. But I have to. My son is mine. I love him. I want the best I can do for him, like anyone else. There aren't a lot of other options.

I'm often exhausted and depressed. I'm not sure I CAN "do it" one more day. Friends and family could, for one day, stop exclaiming their praises over my heroics (or stop telling me what I should be doing) and give me a hand. Yes, people, you COULD do what I do!

Help someone out who has a situation that they didn't bargain for. Give them a break for one day -- or overnight.

Now THAT would be heroic.

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