Friday, December 21, 2007

Ranson Notes Recanted

The "Ransom Notes" have been removed, thank goodness. The psychiatric clinic in New York that was advertising for awareness got enough emails and phone calls from pissed-off parents, like myself, to re-think their message to the public. (See my previous blog)

Their main reasoning for pulling the inflammatory ads seems to be that their staff is spending too much time fielding the calls and emails. It was merely their intention to draw attention to the serious issue of untreated childhood psychological problems, but they unintentionally offended parents of children with these issues. They really didn't see it coming, which is an indication of how out-of-touch most of the medical community is with the reality of day-to-day life for families dealing with autism spectrum disorders and other psychological disorders.
A psychiatric clinic cannot -- at this time, anyway -- 'rescue' my son. They have medications to dispense. My son's psychiatrist, while a great guy and a very good doctor, relies heavily on MY input, rather than the other way around. He doesn't have many answers for us, other than trial-and-error on treating my son's most disruptive symptoms with medications. That's all modern psychiatry can offer families right now. Why offend us with bizarre "ransom notes" in the name of helping us?

I really hope they mean it what they say in the recant:

"Work with us as we fight to give children and their families equal access to health insurance, remove the stigma that the term "psychiatric disorder" so clearly still elicits, and, most importantly, support the drive to make research and science-based treatment a national priority."

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